Join IID on our Annual Dive Trip to

Join The Illinois Institute of Diving at Bonne Terre Mine

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Mine Dives, and 2 Nights stay
for only $380.00 Per Diver based on Dbl. Occ.

This unique adventure, can be your "Dive to the Center of the Earth." Bonne Terre Mine, a national historic site, is the world's largest fresh water dive resort. Water conditions remain constant year round with over 100 foot visibility. Sights include: mammoth architecture, cal falls, oar carts, scaffolding, grating, staircases, pillars, slurry pipes, the famed elevator shaft, and much more. Bonne Terre Mine is without a doubt one of the most unusual, beautiful, and relaxing full service dive resorts anywhere. Your accommodations located in the rolling foot hills of the Ozark mountains are elegant at the nearby 1909 Depot, or if you prefer a more casual atmosphere, the Divers Lodge, located at the Mine.

The Billion Gallon Lake is illuminated with over 500,000 watts of lighting, a total of twenty-four dive trails have been laid out in the lake, taking the diver through mammoth archways, past beautiful calcium falls, around gargantuan pillars and to the man Depths of the dive tours average between 40 to 60 feet. Divers are toured through the mine in groups, of up to, ten by two specially trained dive guides. Super 80 cubic ft. aluminum tanks are provided each diver. Dive lights are not permitted in the lake, because they detract from the natural beauty of the illuminated surroundings. Power inflator are required on all BC's. The Billion Gallon Lake is 58 (Degree F) and not affected by outside temperatures, there are no thermoclines. Air temperature is 62 (Degree F) year round. Lighting on the rock formations is spectacular. One can descend to 80 feet and look up to see divers silhouetted against a rainbow. Man carved pillars grace the entire Billion Gallon Lake. The 200 foot solid-rock pillar rising from depths and mining artifacts on the walls and floor make for spectacular underwater photography.

Because of the wide range of dive trails offered at Bonne Terre Mine this trip offers something for all experience levels. From newly certified divers through to advanced technical dives can find Bonne Terre exciting and challenging.

If this is a dive location you would like to dive? Join IID and experience one of the best diving locations in the world.

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Bonne Terre Itinerary

Friday, Meet at IID at Noon, produce dive logs and c-cards for check off. Car Pool and leave by 1:00 pm
Stop in Springfield, IL. for gas and food around 5:00pm. Last year we stopped at Smokey Joe's for some great BBQ.
Arrive Bonne Terre around 10-11 p.m. Check in. For those staying at the 1909 Depot, you get keys at the Dive Shop. We then meet at a local establishment for mandatory relaxation through decreasing resistance arm curls. Last year we took over the lounge on the second floor or the Depot.
Meet for breakfast around 6:00 a.m. at the South Fork diner. Just down the road from Bonne Terre
Dive Teams meet 1.5 Hr. before dive time in dive shop for dive briefing & waivers.
Dive teams do three (3) dives on Saturday. Trails and Times will be based on previous experience at Bonne Terre.
All meet at 7:00 p.m. to head out for dinner. This is always an adventure because we never now where we are going to end up. Last year we went to Shannon's Steak House. It was really great.
Sunday, Meet for breakfast at 7:00 a.m. at South Fork.
Dive Teams meet 1.5 Hr. before dive time in dive shop for dive briefing.
Dive teams do one (1) dive on Sunday. Trails and Times will be based on previous experience at Bonne Terre.
All meet at 12:30 p.m. in dive shop for before heading home. Get logbooks signed, take pictures, etc.. and plan our traditional BBQ dinner stop on the way home. Where will it be this year?
  • DON'T FORGET -> Dive log & C Cards.
  • DON'T FORGET -> Bring your own towels and wet/dry suit hangers.
  • You might want to bring a lunch for Saturday so you don't have to run around between dives.
  • Check in at Dive Shop upon arrival to get key for room at P&A. There is $10 Key deposit refundable at check-out time, 12:00 noon on Sunday, when you turn your key in.
  • Trail one divers MUST perform mask clear and air-sharing skills.
  • Wet suits and other wet articles are not allowed in rooms. Drying areas are provided in locker rooms.
  • West End Diving Centers 11215 Natural Bridge Rd, Bridgeton MO (314) 731-5003
  • Underwater Tours West End Diving Bonne Terre, MO (573) 358-5000

  •   The Illinois Institute of Diving
    245 W Roosevelt Rd, Building 2 Suite 8, West Chicago, Il 60185
    800-How-Dive (469-3483) ~ 630-469-3483
    Map to IID Dive Center
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